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Five step valuation process

This quick and streamlined process will help us produce an accurate valuation for you in a timely manner



“It is a very sad thing that nowadays
there is so little useless information.”
--Oscar Wilde


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The Process of Valuation varies according to the size & nature of the business, the current state of the business and the date for which the valuation is performed. Regardless of the variables involved, the general steps are as follows.

1. Interview with Instructing Party
The purpose of this is to establish the reason for the valuation and to advise the client of the most appropriate approach and methods required to achieve the best results.

2. Business Investigation
An understanding of the business is attained through a thorough inspection of: the business, the relevant documents and data gathered from
the owners and key staff (where applicable).

3. Analysing Data Collected
Establish the level of profitability and observe internal/external influences & levels of risk associated with the business.

4. Determine Value of the Business
Based on all financial and operational information collected, and utilising several appropriate valuation methods, an opinion of the business value is established.

5. Production of Valuation Report
A full report outlining processes and justifications is prepared with the capacity to be used for whatever purpose instructed by the client

In the end, every little bit of information matters. The most important part of the machine is to have all necessary information ready and available before the Valuation cogs start rolling.

Time Frame

The time necessary to produce a valuation report will vary depending on the complexity of the business, size of the task and the availability of the necessary documents and information. The average time expected from the receipt of all necessary information to the completed report is generally expected to be one to two weeks. For urgent matters this time can be reduced but for complicated matters it can be exceeded substantially.

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