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Business valuation services

For commercial, legal and statutory purposes

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“...Wealth, like happiness,
is never attained when sought after directly.
It comes as a by-product of providing
a useful service.”
--Henry Ford


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The following Valuation Services are provided for most industry types and business sectors.


  • Opinion of Fair Market Value
  • Limited Scope Business Valuation
  • Full Comprehensive Valuation
  • Valuation of Current Date, or Retrospective Valuation
  • Expert Opinion

Here at Xcllusive, we feel that it's important to remember that Valuation is both a strict science, and an art form- our business experience is just as important as our knowledge and qualifications.


All of our reports comply with the;

Accounting and Professional and Ethical Standards No. 225


Australian Institute of Business Brokers Code of Conduct applying to Registered Business Valuers



Please feel free to contact us with any enquiry regarding business valuations that you may have, either by filling in the form below, or calling 1800 825 831.