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Frequently Asked Quesitons

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Q. How Much Does it Cost?
Depending on the complexity and size of your business, a valuation can cost from less than a thousand dollars to many thousands of dollars. Prior to any engagement an accurate and fixed quotation will be provided.

Q. How long is it going to take?
The time necessary to produce a valuation report will vary depending on the complexity of the business, size of the task and the availability of the necessary documents and information. The average time expected from the receipt of all necessary information to the completed report is generally expected to be one to two weeks. For urgent matters this time can be reduced but for complicated matters it can be exceeded substantially.

Q. Can we give you tax returns & you give us a quick valuation?
No we can’t. To provide any valuation, an understanding of the risks involved must attained. Valuation is so much more than just an accounting exercise. It is as much an art form as it is mathematics.

Q. Do you do valuations for small businesses?
Yes. In fact SME’s are some of our most frequent clients. We provide business valuations for businesses between $0 to $10M.

Q. Do you do valuations if the business is not profitable?
Absolutely, in cases where a business cannot display any profits (ie new businesses/underperforming businesses) a method of valuation is used to identify the value of the assets. This method takes the total value of the assets net of the liabilities. To read more on Asset Valuation click the link here. Additionally there may be non-tangible assets such as a client database that could be sold separately or added into the price.

Q. Can you value a business based just on the turnover without the full financials?
No. Without taking into account the liabilities, cost of goods, expenses and adbacks the Adjusted Profits cannot be calculated. On top of this, a full understanding of business operations is needed for an accurate valuation.

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