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What business valuation is and isn't

Why you need an experienced valuer and why software based valuations won't produce accurate results

What Business Valuation Is?



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“The noblest pleasure
is the joy of understanding.”
--Leonardo Da Vinci 

A business valuation is not the amount that the business can definitely be sold for. A valuation is simply the opinion of an expert who understands the field in which the assets are being valued and has acquired, through proper investigation, all necessary data and facts about the business being valued.

Following this, the expert will then evaluate this data and run a comparison with internal and external forces affecting the enterprise. This, together with market data, historical sales and other possible investments compared to this business, the valuer can then establish their opnion of the business value.

The emphasis here is on expert opinion and possible business value. The only way to determine the exact value of the business is to arrange an arms length transaction of that business.

The international value standards (IVS) refer to market value as follows-

“Market value is the estimate and amount for which an asset is to exchange on the date of valuation between a willing buyer, and willing seller, in an arms length transaction wherein each of the parties has acted knowledgeably prudently and without compulsion.”

Most Valuations are not commissioned for the purpose of selling the business on the open market as an arms length transaction. It is far more common for valuations to be commissioned for the purposes of determining the value of the business that will not go on the open market. These instances may include-

  • Partnership Dissolution
  • Family Matters
  • Divorce settlements
  • Raising the Capital Finance
  • Determining a by-in price
  • Estate planning

Baring all of these facts in mind, it is very important, when doing the Valuation, to find the right expert who will produce a logical and factual Valuation backed by evidence that will help you through your decision process or resolution quickly and efficiently. So to find out more call us any time including after hours and weekends or fill in the form below.

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